Our strategy

Grow Wild focuses on UK native plants and fungi.

We are especially passionate about wildflowers because their species are declining due to habitat loss. Wildflowers are perfect for introducing people who haven’t sown seeds before to the joys of growing, pollinators and the vibrancy of nature.

We also focus on UK fungi because they’re vital to biodiversity but are often underappreciated. Grow Wild is raising the understanding of and profile of fungi as a fundamental part of the natural world we need to cherish and protect.

Without the UK’s plants and fungi, there would be less colour in our lives and less food and shelter for bees and other wildlife. Grow Wild creates opportunities for people to discover the importance of native species in their own lives, while also building community connections and enhancing wellbeing.

Hands holding a small box


Our key activities

1. Wildflower seed kits

In the spring, Grow Wild shares free UK native wildflower seeds to bring together groups of neighbours, colleagues and students. Our seed 'kits' enable groups to access and celebrate wildflowers by transforming urban areas together – from window boxes to unloved public spaces. Every group receives year-round advice and inspiration.

2. Fungus kits

In autumn, Grow Wild shares free grow-your-own mushroom kits with native mycelium and growing advice. They’re shared with ‘teams’ of friends, colleagues and students.

Box with images of mushrooms on it


3. Youth and community project grants

Grow Wild offers yearly grants to people aged 14–25, and to community groups, to lead creative projects to engage their peers and local communities with UK native plants and fungi.

4. Networking and training

Grow Wild brings together and upskills youth and community-led groups and practitioners. Our approach combines the experience of local groups with the expertise of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and partner organisations.

5. Digital engagement

Grow Wild shares messages with new audiences using digital channels, content and influencers. We celebrate learning, connections and wellbeing.


A group of community leaders at a training and networking event at Wakehurst discuss their projects

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