Fungus labs

Our fungus labs enable groups to grow their own UK-native, edible mushrooms

When do applications open?

We are not currently distributing fungus labs, however we always announce the application opening in our newsletter and on all our social media channels.

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Growing curiosity

Our free fungus labs are sent to groups all over the UK every autumn.

Our labs are specially designed to inspire curiosity, learning and discovery, and are brilliant fun too! 

We've already introduced thousands of people all over the UK to the wonderful world of fungi and inspired more people to have a go at growing, cooking and eating their own UK-native Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). Will you join us?

Read on to find out how to apply for a lab, learn more about growing fungi, and read the terms and conditions.

You can even check out our blog to see past success stories, or join our Grow Wild Fungus Growers group on Facebook to see how previous participants have got on.

Our fungus labs

Find out how to apply, how to use your lab, and read our terms and conditions.

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