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We are not currently distributing seed kits, however we always announce the application opening in our newsletter and on all our social media channels.

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Grow wildflowers with us!

Spring brings with it the promise of transformation. And every year, in spring, Grow Wild sends thousands of free UK native wildflower seed kits all over the UK to help people transform outdoor spaces, from window boxes to disused sites, with beautiful, blooming colours.

We also raise awareness of the benefits that these amazing native species have for our natural world, and the ways in which growing them can bring us together and support our own wellbeing. After all, we’re part of nature too!


Patch of wildflowers
Cornflowers, Centaurea cyanus and poppies, Papaver

No experience needed to get growing

Sowing wildflower seeds and watching them grow is a low-effort, high-reward activity for even the least green-fingered amongst us, and you can grow them pretty much anywhere: in containers, gardens, or unloved urban spaces. Lots of studies have demonstrated the wellbeing benefits of burying our hands in the soil, too.

We only have a limited number of kits, and applications will be open for a short time, so make sure you apply quickly – we don’t want you to miss out! Kit or no kit, if you apply, we’ll keep in touch and walk you through what tools and resources you will need, where to buy wildflower seeds, how to prepare the soil, how to sow and what to look out for, so you can still grow-along with us!

Please read our terms and conditions before you apply. These will be published when our next seed kit campaign launches.

Someone writing names on seed labels


Grow without a seed kit

Don’t worry if you aren’t successful in applying for a kit. There are plenty of ways you can get involved and create a wonderful wild green space of your own. Everyone who applies will be able to join in with the growing fun, since we'll send out regular growing tips and advice throughout the growing season, via email.

What happens when you receive a seed kit?

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