6 Tips for your Grow Wild Youth Project Application

1. Extend your reach through online engagement 

Show us how you will connect with people no matter where they are! You could use social media platforms, create engaging videos, start a blog, or contribute to a newsletter. Tell us how you will use these tools to communicate and expand the reach of your project. 


2. Make your project sustainable 

Showcase your commitment to the environment by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your project. Use peat-free compost, harvest rainwater, collaborate with local suppliers, and work with recycled materials. 


3. Demonstrate a realistic project plan 

Make sure your project is achievable within the timeframe by carefully planning and considering potential challenges. Take into account holidays that might impact project delivery and plan accordingly. Having a well-thought-out timeline will show us you can successfully manage your project. 


4. Show Us the Money – Literally!  

Break down your game plan for the £500 Grant. Whether it's grabbing materials, investing in top-notch equipment, or hiring a space, explain to us how you'll turn that grant money into a real impact. We want you to make use of the whole grant, so if your project isn't a big spender, think outside the box! Consider signing up for a course, purchasing some books, or printing some posters advertising your project. Please note that the grant cannot be used to pay yourself a wage or salary. 


5. Have a community-centric approach 

Consider the broader community impact of your project. Will it make the local space look better? Are there educational benefits for people that take part? Explore what's happening in your local area—can you collaborate with another group to make their impact even bigger? We want to see how your idea will impact the community, seeking ways to create a positive and lasting impact that extends beyond the project itself. 


6. Don’t forget we are all about UK native plants and fungi 

We are looking for projects that showcase UK native species. Whether your focus is on celebrating or cultivating these native species, underscore the advantages your project brings to both the local ecosystem and public understanding of it. You can find lots of information about why UK native plants are so special and wildflower growing advice on our website. 

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