5 tips for your Grow Wild community grant application

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Make sure your application for funding with Grow Wild stands out with these tips from the team.

Find out all the things you need to make sure are included in your Community Programme application to have the best chances of securing a grant.


1. Make your application stand out

We’re keen to support groups with new, exciting and innovative ideas. So think outside the box and do something different. 

If you’ve already completed a successful community project, that’s amazing – well done! But the focus of your application video should be on what you’d like to do next. You only have five minutes, so make sure to talk mainly about the future.


2. Tell us who will be impacted

If you can, introduce us to some of the people who will be involved or benefit from your project in your 'elevator pitch' video.

For example, you could ask them to share why the project is important for them or how they will be taking part. This really helps to bring applications to life.


3. Don’t forget we are all about UK native plants

That’s not to say that you can’t grow other plants as part of your project (of course you can!) But we’re looking for UK native plants to be the star of the show. You can find lots of information about why UK native plants are so special and wildflower growing advice on our website.


4. Tell us what your group would like to learn about

You don’t need to be a plant expert or gardening guru to apply to join our Community Programme. In fact, we especially like supporting groups who are hungry to learn more and try new things. That’s why as part of this programme we provide online training sessions and opportunities for groups to connect and share experiences. So make sure to let us know what you’d like to learn about through completing your project.


5. Consider the timing of your project and the growing seasons

If your application is successful you can expect to have received your grant and be ready to start your project in May. This is getting rather late to do a spring wildflower seed sowing, especially if we have a warm, dry spell. So if you want to grow wildflowers from seed, it’s best to think about waiting until September to do an autumn sowing or using plug plants instead.

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