Youth Project Application 2024

Apply for a £500 Grow Wild Youth Grant


Submit this form with your Supporting Organisation before 3pm on March 19, 2024.

Like to chat about your brilliant ideas first? Please get in touch. Email us or call 07824104632. 

The online application form is also available in Welsh.


Before you start


  • Have your Supporting Organisation in contact with you in case you need help.
  • Read Grow Wild's Youth Grant guidance pages and discuss your project plans with your Supporting Organisation.
  • If you, or anyone in your group is under 18, please ensure you/they have obtained consent from a parent or guardian before applying to take part.  


If you are applying as a group... 


Only one person needs to complete the application form on your group's behalf. This person will be your nominated 'Group Representative’ who will also be Grow Wild’s main point of contact for your group going forward. 


Your Application

1. What is the name of your project?

2. Your details please…

3. What are your pronouns?

This helps us understand the best way to address you.

You need to be aged 14-25 on the closing date (19.03.24) to make an application. 

5. Do you have additional needs or are you a vulnerable adult?

We ask you this so we can best support you during your project, your answer will not affect the success of the application.

If your answer ‘yes’ to question 5 and you have a representative Grow Wild can contact on your behalf, please provide their details below:

6. Are you applying as an individual or on behalf of a group?

Group Application 


As the nominated 'Group Representative,' your role includes: 

  • Filling out this form on behalf of your group. 
  • Checking that everyone in your group is happy for you to share their name and date of birth in this application form. 
  • If successful, signing Grow Wild’s grant paperwork on behalf of your group. 
  • Keeping in touch and responding to emails from Grow Wild about your project.  


Provide the details of up to five group members, excluding yourself:

Group members need to be aged 14-25 on the closing date (19.03.24).

Group Member 1:

Group Member 2:

Group Member 3:

Group Member 4:

Group Member 5:

If your group has a name, please tell us what this is. 

7. Which country will your project take place in?

8. Share your project idea

Create a two minute video including:

  1. Your project name
  2. About your idea and why you want to do it
  3. How it will celebrate UK native plants and/or fungi
  4. Where you’ll do it
  5. Who you’ll involve in your project
  6. How you’ll spend the £500      
  • If making a video is difficult for you, please contact Grow Wild and let us know. We’re pleased to offer an alternative for those who have specific access needs.
  • Make sure the link is enabled for Grow Wild to view. If using a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo, make sure your video is not publicly discoverable. Only share the link with people who need to see it.
  • Please ensure that you have consent from all participants in the video and they have been informed that it will be shared with Grow Wild. If you or any young people in the video application are under 18, a parent/guardian must give consent for taking part.

This could be in person or via online content/social media sharing.

10. What is your current knowledge of UK native plants and fungi?

This helps us monitor our impact and will not affect your application.

11. How did you hear about us?

Equality and diversity 

Grow Wild wants to make sure that the opportunities it offers are inclusive and reach a diverse audience of people.  To help us to monitor this, we would like to ask you some equality and diversity questions, about your gender and ethnicity.  

These questions are voluntary, so you can choose whether you would like to share this information with us or not.  

Answers you share help us to know if we are succeeding in involving different groups of people, and to change our approach if some groups are not represented. 

Your answers will not be seen by the decision-making panel and will not impact your application. We may use information you share to report to our current and future funders. If so, all data reported to funders will be anonymised.  

Please select from the options below to let us know if you are happy to share ethnicity and gender information with Grow Wild, for the purpose outlined above. 

12. Ethnicity and gender information
What is your gender?

Please tell us the gender with which you identify. 

What is your ethnic group?

Your Supporting Organisation

This is where you tell us about the organisation which will be supporting you with your project.

If your application is successful, we’ll contact your Supporting Organisation prior to payment of the grant. 
We'll also ask your Supporting Organisation to confirm they are happy to adhere to the policies and procedures listed in our guidance pages.

13. Please provide the name and address of your Supporting Organisation:

Address of Supporting Organisation:

14. Please supply the name and contact details of the person you are working with at your Supporting Organisation:

Growing your skills

Alongside awarding your £500 youth project grant, Grow Wild will facilitate online training opportunities and meet-ups for project leaders across the summer and autumn.

15. What times you are likely to be free to attend online sessions facilitated by Grow Wild? Please tick all that apply.

It is anticipated that up to 5 sessions will be held during the project period, lasting approximately 45 minutes.

16. What topics would you be keen to see covered by Grow Wild’s online training programme in 2024? Please tick all that apply.
17. Would you be interested in taking part in the Kew Young Environmental Leader Award?

Earn recognition for skills developed in your project with the Kew Young Environmental Leaders Award. This program complements your Grow Wild project and offers valuable accreditation for your CV or portfolio.

Please note your response here shows your interest. If you qualify, we will share additional details about the program before you commit.

Your Communication Preferences

Grow Wild* will use your information to review and process your youth project grant application. We will use your information on the basis of entering into a possible agreement with you. Using the information provided in this form, Grow Wild may contact you about your application and if successful, your youth project. Contact will be via the details you've provided as the project leader and your Supporting Organisation contact and will include sharing news about your application, important information about accepting your grant and running your project.

If your application is not successful, Grow Wild will securely store your personal information until the end of July, when all the grants have been successfully allocated. This is so we can contact you in the event of another young person being unable to accept a grant and an opportunity becoming available for you. After this time we will remove your personal information from our system.
For full details about how we store and use your data, please see our privacy policy.
*Grow Wild is the national outreach programme of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

18. We would like to be able to contact you by email in future, about other Grow Wild initiatives and projects which we think may interest you, such as new grant programmes, training and educational resources.

Please select to let us know if you'd like to be contacted with this information:

19. Grow Wild sends out a monthly email newsletter, sharing general updates, details of campaign launches and new activities to get involved with.

Please let us know if you would like to receive the newsletter by selecting one of the preferences below.

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