Youth Grant Application Guidance

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This page contains essential guidance for both Applicants and Supporting Organisations. Read all the information carefully before getting started on your application.

Once you're ready to apply for a Grow Wild Youth Grant, fill in the online application form via the link at the bottom of this webpage. 

Guidance for Applicants 

We're inviting young people aged 14-25 from across the UK to...   

'Come up with a project idea to celebrate and share why UK native plants and/or fungi are so special' 

Application deadline: 3pm 19th March 2024  

Successful projects can be started in May  and must be completed by the end of October 2024. 


To apply follow these steps: 

Grow Wild is looking for… 

 Projects that focus on UK native plants and/or fungi. 

  • Projects that will engage others. You should aim to share your project with at least 100 people. This can include people taking part in person and engaging with online or social media content about your project,  
  • Projects that benefit others. Think about the positive impact your project will have on other people and tell us all about it! 
  • Projects that will make good use of the £500 grant - tell us how you will use the money to make the biggest impact. You can use the grant to pay for any equipment or materials, training, resources, or expert help you need. Please note that the grant cannot be used to pay yourself a wage or salary. 
  • Projects with a WOW-factor - be original and come up with something exciting! Read our extra tips for more inspiration. 


6 tips for your Grow Wild Youth Project application


Important: If you have a particular space or venue in mind for your project activities, you need to get written permission from the owner or manager before applying. Grow Wild may ask to see evidence of this permission before awarding you a grant. 

Please note that Grow Wild can’t support growing projects delivered in open countryside, conservation or protected areas such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).  

Grow Wild also can't fund projects requiring planning permission, due to the programme timelines.  

If you are unsure if your project idea is eligible for a grant, please email Grow Wild for advice or call Grow Wild on 07824 104 632  

Select a youth, community, or education-focused organisation to assist with your project. Consider existing connections or approach local organisations such as your school or university, a youth group, charity or local authority. 

Your Supporting Organisation will: 

  • help you run your project 
  • hold the £500 grant on your behalf 
  • ensure you can complete your project safely 

When seeking support from an organisation, show them the guidance for Supporting Organisations, so they know what’s expected of them. 

If you or any members of your group are under 18, please make sure the organisation is aware of this. Everyone under 18 must also obtain permission from a parent/guarding before applying. 

Your video should be no longer than two minutes. That’s it!  

You don’t need any fancy equipment for this – just a mobile phone is fine. There are lots of ways to create your video, (we’re more interested in your ideas than your film making skills) 

  • You don't have to be on camera. 
  • You could provide an audio or subtitled description. 
  • You could interview other members of your group or wider community, explaining why the project idea is fantastic. 

If creating a video is difficult for you due to specific access needs, please contact Grow Wild to discuss a suitable alternative. 


In the video please include:  

  • Your catchy project name – for groups please also share your team's name if you have one. 
  • Your project idea and why you want to do it. 
  • An explanation of how it will celebrate UK native plants and/or fungi. 
  • Details about where you will complete your project. 
  • Details about who will be involved and how. 
  • A summary of how you will spend the £500. 


Important: If using a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo, make sure your video is not publicly discoverable. Check the privacy settings to make sure it’s enabled for Grow Wild to view. 

Please ensure that you have consent from everyone featured in the video and inform them that it will be shared with Grow Wild. If you or any young people in the video application are under 18, a parent/guardian must give consent for their taking part.  


Applying as an individual 

You will be asked to include contact details for yourself and the person who will be assisting from your Supporting Organisation.  

It’s important that you are both contactable by Grow Wild throughout the summer.  


Applying as a group 

Groups can consist of up to 6 members. If you are applying as a group, you will need to nominate one person to fill in the application form and act as your group representative. This person will be the main point of contact for Grow Wild and will also sign the grant paperwork, along with your Supporting Organisation contact.   

  • You will be asked to include the names and date of birth of everyone within your group. So please make sure everyone is happy for this information to be shared with Grow Wild. 
  • Everyone named as members of your group needs to be aged 14-25 on the closing date of 19th March 2024. 
  • You will be asked to include the name and contact details for the person assisting you from your Supporting Organisation 

It’s important that your group’s representative and your Supporting Organisation are both happy and available to be contacted regularly by Grow Wild throughout the summer. 

You'll receive an email notification to let you know if your application has been successful by the end of April 2024.  

Good luck! 

Someone sitting in front of a wall painted with a colourful flower mural
Garden of earthly delights, credit Ines Stuart-Davidson/ RBG Kew


Guidance for Supporting Organisations 

Support young individuals or groups to apply for a £500 grant and run their own exciting project.  

Here you will find guidance about the role of a Supporting Organisation and which organisations are eligible. Make sure you have also read the guidance for Applicants.  

Projects, whether individual or group endeavours (of up to 6 participants), must have a Supporting Organisation with a designated contact person to work with them. 

Eligible Supporting Organisations will receive the grant on behalf of the applicant/group they’re working with, as Grow Wild is not able to make payments to individuals.  

While the Grow Wild team offers general support to young people, guidance on day-to-day project management falls under the responsibility of the Supporting Organisation.  

To participate, young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own projects (excluding those with additional needs or requiring extra support). 

Supporting Organisations can assist multiple projects, provided they are all distinct. 


As a Supporting Organisation you must be: 


1. An established and relevant organisation that is charitable in purpose or not for profit. In particular: 

  • voluntary, youth or community group 
  • education body
  • arts or environmental charity 
  • local authority or other council body 
  • health authority 


2. Able to provide a member of staff or volunteer who will:  

  • liaise with Grow Wild. 
  • support the young person/group as required e.g. with access to facilities and equipment, publicising activities, providing advice and guidance, safeguarding individuals under 18 or vulnerable adults. 
  • remain contactable during the full project period. 


3. Financially responsible for the project with: 

  • a bank account in the name of their organisation or in the name of the local authority or public sector body where relevant. 


The following organisations are not eligible: 


  • private businesses that operate for profit and have no social purpose 
  • organisations with a solely commercial purpose 
  1. Assist with the application and grant management: 
  • Support the young person/group with planning their project and preparing their application. 
  • Ensure that written permission is in place from the owner or manager of any spaces or venues where project activities will be delivered. 
  • Receive the grant on behalf of the young person/group. 
  • Ensure that the funding is spent as outlined in the application and in accordance with Grow Wild’s guidelines. 


Please note that Grow Wild can’t support growing projects delivered in open countryside, conservation or protected areas such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).  

Grow Wild also can't fund projects requiring planning permission, due to the programme timelines.  


  1. Communication and oversight: 
  • Support the young person/ group with the day-to-day delivery of the project, including regular meetings to discuss progress, and provide advice and guidance as needed. 
  • Contact Grow Wild if you become aware that the project is not being delivered as planned. 


  1. Health, safety and accessibility: 
  • Discuss and plan with the young person/group how the project will be delivered safely. 
  • Ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone participating throughout the project, including safeguarding under 18s and vulnerable adults. . 
  • Ensure the project is accessible to all participants – with specific consideration of groups and individuals with additional needs. 


  1. Document submission  

Grow Wild will need to see a copy of the following documents before funding will be released: 

  • Constitution (or a similar document agreed upon by the Supporting Organisation) outlining the organisation's purpose and objectives, or evidence that the organisation is part of a local authority or other public sector body. 
  • Safeguarding policy and procedures. 

Additional documents and evidence of relevant disclosure checks (specific to the country) may be requested if an application is successful, including: 

  • Equal opportunities policy. 
  • Health and safety policy and procedures. 
  • Public liability insurance suitable for the proposed project. 
  • Volunteering guidelines. 
  • Written permission from the owner or manager of any spaces or venues where activities will be delivered. 


In cases where the project involves young people under 18, those with additional needs, and/or vulnerable adults, the Supporting Organisation holds the following additional responsibilities: 


  1. Ensure parental/guardian consent is in place for: 
  • Young people to apply, lead and participate in activities delivered as part of the project (*see note below). 
  • Young people to feature in the application video. 


  1. Disclosure checks and safeguarding: 
  • Ensure that all staff and volunteers working with the project have a disclosure check (that is relevant for their UK location and related activities) and have received the appropriate training to support young people and their activities. 
  • Safeguard children under 18 and/or vulnerable adults whilst they are taking part in the project (including any related online and social media activity). 


* Due to Kew’s data protection and safeguarding policies, where project applicants are under 18, Grow Wild will always contact the Supporting Organisation in all communications about the application and, if funded, the project.  

** If you are supporting an application from a young person with additional needs, please contact Grow Wild to let us know. This is so we can ensure this is considered and discuss the best way for Grow Wild to support and communicate with them about their project. 


Kew Young Environmental Leader Award 

All successful applicants are invited to complete the new Kew Young Environmental Leader Award (YELA) alongside their project, either individually or as part of a group. This award and training initiative aims to empower young leaders, building their skills and confidence to drive environmental change in their communities. Designed to align seamlessly with their Grow Wild Youth Project, it ensures successful applicants make the most of the grant opportunity and gain recognition from The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to add to their CV or portfolio. 

Sign-up to the award is optional, but we encourage you to support your applicants to take part. Grow Wild will provide online training, resources, and feedback. Your role involves day-to-day support, addressing questions and planning progress check-ins, to ensure completion of the award on time. 

We are committed to ensuring this opportunity is accessible to all. If you are supporting a young person with additional needs or a vulnerable adult, Grow Wild is pleased to offer extra support and alternative completion arrangements where necessary. Please contact us to discuss reasonable adjustments. 


Read more about the Kew Young Environmental Leader Award  

hand holding sheets of brown paper with yellow flowers in the background
Mushroom paper created during Mattie O'Callaghan's YELA Youth Project

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